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Poemas en Inglés es un blog que pretende acercar poemas de lengua inglesa al castellano
"Por principio, toda traducción es buena. En cualquier caso, pasa con ellas lo que con las mujeres: de alguna manera son necesarias, aunque no todas son perfectas"

Augusto Monterroso

-La palabra mágica-

"Es imposible traducir la poesía. ¿Acaso se puede traducir la música?"


"Translating poetry is like making jewelry. Every word counts, and each sparkles with so many facets. Translating prose is like sculpting: get the shape and the lines right, then polish the seams later."

James Nolan

"La traducción destroza el espí­ritu del idioma"

Federico García Lorca
Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer -Rima LII. Volverán las oscuras golondrinas...-
martes, 15 de mayo de 2007
Rima LII. Volverán las oscuras golondrinas...

Volverán las oscuras golondrinas
de tu balcón sus nidos a colgar,
y otra vez con el ala a sus cristales
jugando llamarán.

Pero aquellas que el vuelo refrenaban
tu hermosura y mi dicha a contemplar,
aquellas que aprendieron nuestros nombres...
Esas... no volverán!

Volverán las tupidas madreselvas
de tu jardín las tapias a escalar,
y otra vez a la tarde aún más hermosas
sus flores se abrirán.

Pero aquellas cuajadas de rocío
cuyas gotas mirábamos temblar
y caer como lágrimas del día...
Esas... ¡no volverán!

Volverán del amor en tus oídos
las palabras ardientes a sonar,
tu corazón de su profundo sueño
tal vez despertará.

Pero mudo y absorto y de rodillas,
como se adora a Dios ante su altar,
como yo te he querido... desengáñate,
nadie así te amara.

Rhyme LII. The dark-winged swallows will return...

The dark-winged swallows will return
to hang their nests beneath your eaves,
and before your windows once again
beckon with their wings;

but those whose flight restrained
your beauty and my joy to learn,
those who came to know our names...
those...will not return!

The twining honeysuckles will return
your garden walls to climb
and on another afternoon, more lovely still,
again their flowers will bloom;

but those with sparkling drops of dew,
which we'd watch trembling, yearn
and fall, like teardrops of the day...
those...will not return!

From love will come once more the sound
of burning words to ring;
your heart from within its soundest sleep
perhaps will rise again;

but mute, entranced and kneeling down
as adoring God before His throne,
as I have loved you...accept the truth!
they will not love you so!


posted by Bishop @ 10:52  
  • At 8 de julio de 2007, 4:29, Blogger Bishop said…


    The dark swallows again
    on your balcony will hang their nests,
    and playing knock once more
    against your window glass.
    But those that stayed their flight
    to ponder your beauty and my joy,
    those that have learnt our names,
    those, they will not return.
    The dense honeysuckle again
    will climb your garden walls
    and later again their flowers
    will open lovelier still.
    But those laden with dew
    whose drops we watched tremble
    and fall like tears of the day,
    those, they will not return.
    The burning words of love
    will sound again in your ears;
    perhaps your heart will awake
    and stir from its deep sleep.
    But mute, absorbed, kneeling,
    as one adores God at his altar,
    as I have given my love ...
    believe me,
    no one will love you so.

    Translated by Michael Smith

  • At 12 de julio de 2007, 14:19, Blogger Bishop said…


    The black swallows will return
    to hang their nests on your balcony,
    and once again will knock in play
    against your window panes;

    but those that stopped their flight and perched
    to observe your beauty and my good luck,
    those who learned to know our names...
    those... will not return!

    The honeysuckle will return,
    to climb the walls in your garden,
    and open once again at evening
    their even more beautiful flowers,

    but those blooms that were full of dew
    where we saw the trembling drops
    fall like tears of the day ...
    those... will not return!

    Ardent words of love will return
    to sound and resound in your ears;
    and your heart from the depths of sleep
    perhaps will wake again;

    but silent, absorbed, on bended knee,
    as men worship God at His altar,
    as I have loved you ... make no mistake,
    they'll not love you like that!

    Translated by Brian Cole

  • At 12 de julio de 2007, 14:21, Blogger Bishop said…


    Dark swallows will return
    to hang their nests on your balcony
    and again with their wings will rap playfully
    on its windows.

    But those who checked their flight
    to contemplate your beauty and my happiness,
    those who memorized our names,
    those... will not return!

    Dense honeysuckles will return
    to climb the adobe walls of your garden
    and again in the afternoon even more lovely
    will open their flowers.

    But those drops of dew
    that we watched tremble
    and fall like tears of the day...
    those... will not return!

    Ardent words of love will return
    to sound in your ear,
    your heart will perhaps awaken
    from its deep slumber.

    But mute and entranced and kneeling,
    like worshiping God at an altar,
    like I desired you..., don't kid yourself,
    no one will desire you like that!

    Translated by H. Landman

  • At 12 de julio de 2007, 14:23, Blogger Bishop said…


    Dusky swallows again will come
    Upon thy balcony their nests to swing,
    And tap their wings upon thy window-panes
    In playful fluttering;

    But those which slackened in their flight,
    Thy beauty and my fortune their concern;
    Those which even came to know our names...
    Those... will ne'er return!

    Twining honeysuckle will come
    Again thy garden wall to clamber o'er,
    And spread again upon the air its blossoms,
    Fairer than all before;

    But those, bediamonded with dew,
    Whose drops we two were wont to watch aquiver
    And fall, as they were tears of limpid morning...
    Those... will come back never!

    Burning words of love will come
    Again full oft within thine ears to sound;
    Perchance thy heart will even be aroused
    From its sleep profound;

    But mute and prostrate and absorbed,
    As God is worshipped in His holy fane,
    As I have loved thee... undeceive thyself:
    Thou wilt not be thus loved again!

    Translated by Young Allison

  • At 12 de julio de 2007, 17:25, Blogger Bishop said…


    The dark swallows will return
    To your balcony to hang their nests
    And again with their wings at your window
    They will call as they play.

    But those who stayed their flight
    While contemplating your beauty and my happiness;
    Those who learned our names,
    Those…., will not return

    The dense honeysuckle will again
    Climb up the walls of your garden
    And again in the evening, even more beautiful,
    Its flowers will open

    But those pools of dew
    Whose drops we would watch as they trembled
    And fall as the tears of the day…
    Those…., Will not return!

    To your ears will return loves
    Passionate words to resound;
    Your heart, from a deep sleep
    Perhaps will awake.

    But dumb and absorbed and on your knees
    As one adores God before his altar
    As I have loved you…, Don’t fool yourself
    Thus!....They will not love you.

    Translated by by Terry Rooney

  • At 15 de julio de 2007, 6:54, Blogger Bishop said…


    The black swallows will return
    to nest on your balcony,
    and with their wings they will knock
    playfully at its windows.

    But those who slowed down in their flight
    to contemplate your beauty and my happiness,
    those who learnt our names...
    those....will not return!

    The luscious honeysuckle will again
    climb the walls of your garden,
    and, even more beautiful in the afternoon,
    its flowers will bloom again.

    But those flowers adorned by dew -
    drops we watched to tremble
    and fall, as if they were the day's tears...
    those... will not return!

    Ardent words of love will echo again
    in your ears,
    your heart from its deep slumber
    will perhaps awaken.

    Mute, lost in thought and kneeling in worship
    as if by the altar of a God,
    that is how I loved you...; don't deceive yourself,
    nobody will love you so!

    Translated by Guia K. Monti

  • At 16 de julio de 2007, 18:05, Blogger Bishop said…


    Dark swallows will doubtless come back killing
    the injudicious nightflies with a clack of the beak;
    but these that stopped full flight to see your beauty
    and my good if they knew our names -
    they'll not come back. The thick lemony honeysuckle,
    climbing from earthroot to your window,
    will open more beautiful blossoms to the evening;
    but dewdrops, trembling, shining, falling,
    the tears of day - they'll not come back...
    Some other love will sound his fireword for you
    and wake your heart, perhaps, from its cool sleep;
    but silent, absorbed, and on his knees,
    as men adore God at the altar, as I love you -
    don't blind yourself, you'll not be loved like that.

    Translated by Robert Lowell

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